Comparing caseload midwifery to standard or private obstetric care, for first time mums, in Australia

Cost reduction appears to be achieved through reorganising the way care is delivered in the public hospital system with the introduction of Midwifery Group Practice or caseload care. The study also highlights the unexplained clinical variation that exists between the three models of care in Australia (2014)


Don’t throw the birth plan out with the birth water!

“There appears to be some confusion about the legal status or standing of birth plans which is not reflective of international human rights principles or domestic law. The right to informed consent is a fundamental principle of medical ethics and human rights law and is particularly relevant to the provision of medical treatment…If you start from this legal and human rights premise, the authoritative status of a birth plan is very clear. It is the closest expression of informed consent that a woman can offer her caregiver prior to commencing labour.”


Evidence based birth

Evidence based birth is an American based website set up by a mum who wanted to the evidence around birth back into the hands of women rather than to keep it locked up in research journals. 


Spinning Babies

Spinning babies is a great sight which will provide you with information on how to ensure your baby is in an optimal position when you enter labour and through until you give birth (2013)


Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome, is a sleep disorder, that is a neurological disorder characterised by throbbing, pulling, creeping, or other unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable, and sometimes overwhelming, urge to move them (2013)


Caseload midwifery care versus standard maternity care for women of any risk: M@NGO, a randomised controlled trial

This study shows that for women of any pregnancy risk, caseload midwifery is both safe and cost effective.


Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

This brochure provides your with tips and hints to ensure you eat well and maintain optimum nutritional health during your pregnancy


Maternity Choices Australia

The old Maternity Coalition, have put out information sheets of a huge range of topics related to pregnancy and birth. Check out this site for information that might help you during this important time



Severe adverse maternal outcomes among low risk women with planned home versus hospital births in the Netherlands: nationwide cohort study

More great news on homebirth coming out today with a new study concluding: Low risk women in primary care at the onset of labour with planned home birth had lower rates of severe acute maternal morbidity, postpartum haemorrhage, and manual removal of placenta than those with planned hospital birth. For parous women these differences were statistically significant. Absolute risks were small in both groups. There was no evidence that planned home birth among low risk women leads to an increased risk of severe adverse maternal outcomes in a maternity care system with well trained midwives and a good referral and transportation system


Publicly funded homebirth in Australia: A review of maternal and neonatal outcomes over 6 years

A great Australian study which contributes to the evidence about homebirth as an option for women at low obstetric risk.

Mechanisms of upright breech

This blog assists you to understand the physiology of breech birth and shows you how the baby wiggles its way through the mothers pelvis.



Vitamin K for newborns

Vitamin K deficiency bleeding, thought to be a problem of the past—has been recently thrust back into the spotlight. This link will take you to information on the Vitamin K injection from Evidence Based Birth

Fatigue as a predictor of Postpartum Depression

The postpartum is a time when women commonly report increased fatigue that may contribute to depression. Studies have not examined fatigue alone as a predictor of postpartum depression (2001).

Maternity Choices Australia

Check out the information sheet here on pelvic floor exercises following Childbirth